Make charts

Chartwerk is a complete data visualization management system that provides a rich UI to create and publish reusable charts.

Designed and tested in the newsroom of The Dallas Morning News, Chartwerk is a scalable graphics tool for teams with very few development resources or for any team that wants to write the same chart just once.

Chartwerk editor app, built with React and Redux.

A complete system to create and manage charts

Build chart templates using any JavaScript library you choose with your own custom styles, push them to a robust UI for non-coders and publish charts to Amazon S3 with customizable embed options for your CMS.

Grammar for chart data

Introduces a high-level grammar for tabular data that makes creating complex chart templates easy and predictable no matter what data your users throw at it.

Use just what you need

Setup the full Django RESTful app or take the powerful React/Redux-based chart editor alone and implement it in your own system. Chartwerk is a composable, pluggable application.


Wait, another chart maker?

Yes and no. Like many chart builders, Chartwerk provides an interface for non-coders to easily create interactive and static charts. However, most chart makers are set-and-forget systems that aren't well designed to grow with the needs of the team. Chartwerk is designed to be a more collaborative tool between coders and non-coders. Chartwerk lets developers easily build and tweak charts directly alongside non-coding creators. The secret is a robust internal API that translates any tabular data into discrete dataviz properties developers can build chart templates on top of.

At The Dallas Morning News, Chartwerk helps us develop dataviz quickly in response to the needs of beat reporters and scale our development time multiplied by every chart our reporters build from the templates we create.

That said, Chartwerk was built on the shoulders of giants, some of the developers of which have generously contributed guidance to this project.

What's in it?

Chartwerk consists of two independent projects. Django-chartwerk is a pluggable Django application that manages charts and templates. Chartwerk-editor is a React and Redux-based application that allows users and developers to create and edit charts and chart templates. The two work together well, but can be split apart if you so choose.

Is this free?

Yes! As in speech. Chartwerk is open-source software, built on top of lots of other open-source software.